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Talk and Walk with a Doctor

Come along and join the Talk and Walk with a Doctor session, which takes place at 10.30am every Saturday morning at the Nishkam Healthcare Trust.

January 2019 saw the beginning of a new initiative at the Nishkam Health Centre: Talk and walk with a Doctor.

Taking place every Saturday morning starting at 10.30am, attendees gather in the spacious foyer of the Centre, just opposite the Pharmacy, and take their seats for a discussion with the Doctors.

The morning starts off with a discussion about keeping good health. The discussion tends to be guided by the attendees depending on the health topics they want to discuss. In the past, this has ranged from discussing how to manage Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus to speaking about how to identify symptoms of bowel cancer. Attendees are always encouraged to speak to their personal GP for any specific health concerns which they may have.

After the talk with the doctors, everyone is gathered together for a walk around Handsworth Park. Group members walk at whichever pace they are most comfortable with, with some of the faster walkers leading at the front, and those simple enjoying a leisurely stroll at the back.

The walk around the Park has given both the attendees and the doctors the chance to chat informally with each other, in a relaxed and calm environment. It has become the highlight of the initiative, giving everyone a chance to unwind after the busy week, and also to make friends with the other members of the group.

Over the past few months, this initiative has built up a steady group of regular members, who are not only the fastest walkers in the group, but also encouraging, kind and compassionate, particularly to any new attendees.

Exercise is an incredibly important part of our health. It makes us look after our bodies, and keeps us healthy. A healthy mind is also equally important, as Narinder Kaur, who leads the Emotional Wellbeing service at the Nishkam Health Centre, reiterates during the discussions each week. Her presence and advice is valued alongside the guidance from the Doctors.